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I do therapy and coaching to help individuals identify the things blocking the kickass life we’re all supposed to have.  I’ve been catapulted by my own life struggles and use my real world “compassion training” to help others live with less bullshit.

You're probably here because something in your life needs to change. You may know what that is: relationship/family issues, emotional unmanageability, professional/career issues, physical illness, addictions or other unwanted behaviors.

You may NOT know what needs to change.  A lot of people experience a long-term deep dissatisfaction that doesn't seem to respond to mainstream interventions.  

You are in the right place!  I'm a licensed counselor as well as a mind-body integration coach.  I specialize in attuning to my clients' needs and identifying the blocks to achieving the life they love.

I invite you to read on through this site and get acquainted with who I am, what I offer and how my style, skills and experience can help you.


Mette Romain LCSW, LAC

Here's my story in a nutshell:

I was gifted with a lovely childhood growing up on 10 acres of forest in Northwest Montana.  I did all the things I was supposed to do: get good grades, graduate high school, college, graduate school.  

Then real life hit.  At the start of graduate school I experienced an extreme health crisis which was eventually diagnosed as Crohn's Disease.  It was my wakeup call that life is something that you can opt into or out of.  For a long time I opted out--in denial of my physical problems, coasting by in unsatisfying relationships, using alcohol and drugs to numb the needs I couldn't even listen to because they were too intense.

I work every day to be aware of what's bringing me joy, what's not, and what I might have a little choice in changing.  Making changes is hard.  It makes other people uncomfortable and it takes a lot of mental and physical energy.  I have to commit every day to learn more about this life I'm living and how to navigate it with minimal suffering.

I'm a person in process just like you.  I've got education, I've got letters behind my name.  I've got a lot of love and compassion for those of us who are doing the messy work of living a real life and making amazing changes happen.